Weather and Tides


Grogs Knots

Kayaking Techniques
An excellent site of practical animated tutorials about kayak paddling. Starting from the kayaking basics, through to the most essential paddling and safety skills.

Map of the Den


A great site. Online versions of all NZ topographical Maps with lots of useful functions

As above but without the useful functions

LINZ (Land Information New Zealand)
The official NZ Map department. Links and order forms for maps and lots of information about the maps themselves.

Native Plants
Te Ara - Encyclopedia of New Zealand: Plants and Fungi

Other Resources The official Scout NZ site

Troop Night Routine

7:00pm Flagbreak
7:10pm Game
7:30pm Instruction Session 1
8:00pm Game
8:15pm Instruction Session 2
8:45pm Fall in
  Flag down
9:00pm Duty Patrol duties

Duty Patrol Duties

  1. Wash, dry and put away all dishes
  2. Wipe down benches
  3. Sweep floors
  4. Make sure toilets have been flushed
  5. Check store and all doors and windows are locked/closed/latched
  6. Make sure heaters have been turned off
  7. Ensure blackboard and whiteboard have been wiped
  8. Check all equipment has been put away
  9. Put anything else left lying around is put in lost property box