Camping is a very important part of the scouting programme. All of the skills taught and practiced during the term are used on the camps, and it is preferable for the scouts to attend these camps if at all possible.
This page is where details of upcoming camps will be posted and forms etc for camps can be downloaded.

Current Camps

Group Camp at Camp Adair - 10-12 May

Invites to this have been sent out on OSM and are now closed.

Upcoming Camps

2019 Camps

2018 Camps

Pinnacles Tramp - 9-11 November


Maratoto Tramp - 21-23 September


2017 Camps

Auckland Regatta 31 Mar - 2 April

Awesome Camp, lots of fun sailing and Beachhaven came 2nd in Camp Standards! By 2 points! photos

Sailing Camp 17 - 19 March

Awesome camp, who wouldn't have fun on two days sailing the Hauraki Gulf? photos

Zone Camp 4-5 March

Awesome camp, Beach Haven won the Pioneering Competition! photos

2016 Camps

2015 Camps

Kite Kite Falls


Resolution Patrol Camp

Resolution chose to explore some areas of Waipu that we do not usually see and had a very nice weekend. Check out the photos

Endurance Patrol Camp

Endurance chose to take charge of a large sailing vessel for their patrol camp and had a very successful weekend. Check out the photos

Cossgrove Training Camp

A number of our senior scouts attended the Cossgrove leadership training camp and learned some valuable skills. Check out the photos

Caving Waitomo weekend 25th 27th September

We completed Zweinholen cave which required belaying and a cave laddder in a couple of areas and a brief dip at the end. We also revisited Exit seven into the Gardeners Gut cave system. After crossing the chasm of terror, we travelled through caves filled with beautiful pristine cave formations, and did the famous 'organ grinder' squeeze, and visited 'Helictite Grotto' and Viv's needle which was well worth the effort of getting there. Check out the photos

Tramping Camp 19-21 June

This tramp was very eventful and an outstanding time was had by all. Check out the photos

Group Caving Camp 15-17 May

This term we held a group camp at Waipu Caves with the other sections of our group. As always, this camp went quite well. Check out the photos

Scouting in the Park day 28/29 March

This was a fantastic day demonstrating our scouting skills. Check out the photos.

Sailing Camp Motutapu 20-22 March

Once again we held our world famous in NZ not to be missed sailing camp. The weekend had a few ups and downs, but overall a great time was had by all! Check out the photos.

Founders Day Zone Raft Race 2015

Another fantastic day! Perfect weather, All groups in the zone represented and more patrols than ever before. Our raft even left the water in the same condition it entered!...well, one of them anyway. Check out the photos on our gallery page

2014 Camps

Hunua Ranges Tramp & Abseil 12-14 December 2014

Beach Haven Scout Troop will run a tramping weekend in the Hunua Ranges on 12-14 Dec. We will tramp the Wairoa Loop and Suspension Bridge tracks then sleep in bivouacs overnight. On Sunday we will then be abseiling the Hunua Falls. view photos | View Map

Mokoroa Falls Tramp & Abseil 22 Nov 2014

Beach Haven Scout Troop ran a day tramp at Mokoroa Falls, Waitakere on Sunday 1 September 2013. We tramped up the Mokoroa stream then abseiled the falls. Avery fun wet and muddy day was had by all view photos | View Map

Pioneering Camp 12-14 September

We stayed at Riverhead state forest, and sleept on our hammocks in a barn. We made an awesome Flying fox and rope bridge as well as other pioneering activities.
Check out the photos

Waitakere Tramping Map

View Larger Topographic Map

Waitakere tramping weekend 5-6 July

Following our recce at Piha, we headed out to the norern end of the Waitakeres for this tramp. We started at the cascade track and followed the Upper Kauri and Long road tracks to the Ongaruanuku hut where we stayed on Saturday night On sunday we followed the fence line track past the Waitakere Reservoir dam back to the

Piha Tramping Map

View Larger Topographic Map

Piha Valley Day Tramp 22 June

A great day tramping in the waitakeres! A small amount of rain was no problem, in fact the highlight of the tramp was apparently...mud. We also found a new idea for a further

Waipu Caving 11-13 April

Another awesome caving weekend! Abseiling was the most popular activity with sunday spent abseilling into the main cave! photos

Sailing Camp Motutapu 21-23 March

This continued our tradition of awesome sailing camps. We motored out to Islington Bay where we stayed for Friday night. On Saturday we started with breakfast and some swimming then we sailed out past Rakino to the noises for lunch and some swimming before sailing back to Motutapu for dinner and more swimming and diving off the boats. Sunday again started with breakfast and swimming before walking on Motutapu where we viewed the old army emplacements on the Island. We then returned to the boats for lunch and more jumping off boats before sailing home. A fantastic weekend for all. Jumping off the boats seemed more popular than sailing them as the photos will attest!

2013 Camps

Mokoroa Falls Abseil

As promised, we returned to the Mokoroa falls in Goldies Bush with some abseilling ropes and spent a great day jumping off the cliffs. Check out the photos! | View Map

Tramping / bivouac Waitakere Ranges

We explored a new area of the Waitakere ranges, Goldies Bush, and found a great new place to explore. No doubt we will return some day with abseil ropes... Photos | View Map

Zone Camp 2013 Waipu Caves

This term we ran The Zone Caving and Adventure Camp. It was an outstanding camp! Photos will be up soon.

Founders Day Zone Raft Race 2013

This was another fantastic day! Perfect weather, All groups in the zone represented and more patrols than ever before. This event gets better and better each year. Check out the photos on our gallery page

2012 Camps

Zone Camp 2012 Shakespeare Park

This term we have decided to join the other troops in the area and attend the Zone Camp. This was an awesome weekend and also an eye opener While we didn't win any awards we feel we had the most creative campsite and we definitely learnt a lot about standing camps. We also took out the self bestowed tallest flag pole award and won the cutter rowing race like the pro's we are!
See for your self - check out the photos

Karangahake Gorge Tramp 28-30 September.

Awesome camp. It fully lives up to its reputationa as a beautiful and historic area with some stunning scenery. This was a great weekend which the scouts got a lot out of. Check out our photos.

Lost World Weekend 25-26 August

This was the culmination of months of training for our senior scouts. It was an awesome weekend of abseilling mungapohue Natural Bridge then caving Exit 7 at Gardiners Gut on Saturday before abseilling and ascending Lost World on Sunday. The scouts achieved this awesome challenge and did themselves proud. Check out our photos!

Kitekite Falls Tramp 11 August

This was a great relaxing day for those involved. Check out our photos

Caving at Waipu 25-27 May

Beachhaven Scouts world famous in NZ Waipu Caving Camp was awesome! Check out the Photos and see!

Pararaha Valley Day Trip Sat 13 May

Tramping The Pararaha Valley at Kare Kare was as always, spectacular. This was an awesome tramp with a little something extra. Check out the photos!

Sailing Camp Fri 9th-10-11th Mar

Sailing camp was once again awesome! We sailed the hauraki gulf, did some snorkelling and generally made mischief on the high seas.

2011 Camps

Pioneering Camp - 3-4 September

We stayed at Riverhead state forest, and slept on hammocks under bivouacs. The obstacle course and Flying fox went off a treat, and we learnt why we don't overload a cargo net.

Snow Camp 22-24 July 2011

Snow camp ran on the 22-24 of July, the middle weekend of the school holidays. We stayed in a cabin on Ruapehu, which gave us the opportunity to sleep out in snow caves and igloos. The other popular activity of the weekend was sliding down banks on an inner tube and anything else we could think of. Photos will be up soon...

Caving Waipu 20th 22nd May

Beach Haven Scout Troop ran a Caving Camp at Waipu Caves With Mairangi Bay troop.It was another awesome weekend with plenty of caving, abseiling and teambuilding. A campfire was well recieved as it gets really cold out in the country. Accommodation consisted mostly of 12x12 canvas tents, with some adventurous scouts trying out some bivouacing.
Check out our photos

Tramping / camp Kaeuranga Thames 8th 10th April

This was moved to the Hunua Ranges, and was a highly successful camp. We camped overnight on the friday night then tramped to a campsite in the middle of the bush for Saturday night. The tramp was a wee bit longer than anticipated, but successful . We refined our camp cooker skills for dinner and slept under bivouacs for the night. on sunday we tramped back out the valley then abseilled down the Hunua falls in ther afternoon which was awesome! Check out our photos

Sailing Camp Motutapu fri 18th-19-20th Feb

This was an awesome weekend of sailing. We motored out to Motohi where we stayed for Friday night. On Saturday we sailed to waiheke Island for some snorkeling and then sailed to Motutapu. On Sunday we viewed the old army emplacements on the Island before sailing home. A fantastic weekend for all. Check out our photos

2010 Camps

Caving Waitomo weekend 24th 26th September 2010

We departed Rambler St Den at 7.30pm Friday evening for Auckland Speleological hut on the Marakopa Rd from Waitomo. We were reunited with Andy Goodall and some of his senior scouts from Te Puna (Tauranga) who we combined with at Lost World in May Last year. His expertise was invaluable over the weekend. The hut was very welcome after a long day caving. It also has a sturdy coffee table which was put to good use for some advanced cave tabling.

Saturday: We completed Zweinholen cave which required belaying and a cave laddder in a couple of areas and a brief dip at the end. Some of the team also did Coincidence cavern, which was an awesome trip. Sunday we visited an old freind we hadn't seen in 20 years, Exit seven into Gardeners Gut cave system. After crossing the chasm, we travelled through caves filled with beautiful pristine cave formations, and did the famous 'organ grinder' squeeze, and visited 'Helictite Grotto' which was well worth the effort of getting there, and the time it took to get 20 people in and out.

This was one of our best caving weekends yet. Check out our photos

Our anticipated return to Rambler was 5.30 Sunday 26th, but it ended up being a wee bit later than that...

Ruapehu Snow Camp 20-22 August 2010

The Scout Snow Camp was held at Ruapehu and its environs on Friday 20th of August, We will be stayed at Wades Landing Lodge arriving in the wee small hours. Due to poor weather we decided not to stay on the mountain, but we had a great experience making snow caves and igloos anyway. A welcome stop at the hotsprings on the way home rounded off a great weekend.

Check out our photos or our awesome igloo video

Pararaha Tramp 29-30 May 2010

The Pararaha Tramp went ahead and an alternative programme ran on the weekend. Scouts camped overnight at the den on Saturday night and completed an alternative day tramp on Sunday - we went up the valley instead of down. It was an enjoyable and challenging camp for all

4 Wheel Drive Day Trip 1 May 2010

Beach Haven Scout Troop ran a 4X4 day trip at Woodhill Forest on Saturday the 1st May 2010. This trip involved going on a supervised ride on a 4X4 vehicle with members of a 4x4 club. It was a fantastic and very muddy day!
Check out our photos

Term 1 - PL / APL Pararaha Tramp 26-27 March 2010

The PLs and APLs (under the guidance of Scout Leaders) of Beach Haven Scouts successfully undertook a reconnaissance of the Pararaha/Karekare area in preparation for a full Troop hike through the same area at a later date. Check out our photo gallery of the trip.

2009 Camps